A few of you were probably wondering what comes after the 1.0 release. Me too.

Since people started asking when the next release will happen and some significant features landed since 1.0, I decided to start doing stable releases once a quarter. To me, this is a good trade off between providing access to new features and flakiness due to features having seen not enough user testing. Apart from this, a release every three months is probably fine for eventual downstream packagers without introducing too much churn.

According to this, you can expect the next stable version (1.1) to be released on 2020-04-29. Since all of the essentials like installer and documentation are out there, the upcoming releases will be made purely on a schedule basis, without any particular feature goals.

To improve the stability of the releases and differentiate them from the regular CI builds, I’ll try not to merge big changes in the weeks prior to the release.

Usually, only the minor version number will increase (1.0 → 1.1). The major number will increase when I see fit.

In case there’s a major bug that severely affect day-to-day usage, I’ll do bugfix release that increments the micro version (e.g. 1.0.1).